Helen Miao

UI/UX @ Bevi

As the UI/UX Design intern (co-op) at Bevi, I am working as a member of the Product Development team to design for touchscreen and web interfaces.
UI/UX Design

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My key responsibilities
  • Conducting a UX research and design project on the key customer-facing beverage dispense experience. This involved 25+ usability test sessions conducted with both internal and external users!
  • Improving the UI and workflows of an internal portal website used by partner companies and technicians for service planning, tracking, and maintenance.
  • Collaborating with product managers, the senior UI/UX designer, and other teams like software and sales to figure out how to digitally improve our customer and internal employee experiences.

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Aside from the below samples, most of the work I perform at Bevi is protected under an NDA but can be viewed here.
Please contact me directly to gain access!

Dispense Experience Project (NDA)

I, along with the Product Management co-op, led a 6-month long user experience research and design project on the key customer-facing beverage dispense experience.

This involved a drastic change to the main UI, displayed on 15,000+ installed machines across the world.

I performed user research, competitive analyses and usability audits, extensive wireframing and design iteration, prototyping, affinity map analyses, and much more.

We traveled to various customer sites in the Boston area and performed 25+ usability test sessions with both internal and external users, gaining direct insights on how effective and intuitive our design changes were (or weren’t)!

As this project is sensitive with internal data and the UI changes are not released (yet), please contact me directly to gain access to this page with my NDA-protected Bevi work and to learn more!

Directional Messaging on Stats Page


In October 2023, a new Stats page was released on all Bevi machines. This included data on that machine’s flavor and enhancement usage, in the form of a bar chart. This gained lots of positive buzz across our users!


“What now?”
No call-to-action suggests to the user on what they should do next with that information.
The page is also lacking in additional statistics.

Old design


Provide directional messaging on the Stats page.

The messaging should help users/office managers get a feel for what flavors or enhancements are popular that they may or may not be installed today.

Ideally, presenting something like top globally used flavors and enhancements will encourage users/office managers to try something new! Especially, enhancements, if they haven’t tried them.
How might we...

Point out to users/office managers what’s globally hot…

So that…

They reach out to their Bevi provider to try out these flavors or enhancements.

Design Solution

Key Design Decisions

Coming soon!

Revamped Usage Report


The Usage Report is sent to all Bevi customers on a recurring basis – it includes data on their machine(s)’ usage, top flavors, etc.


The Usage Report needed to be revamped, to have:
  • clearer displays of data
  • actionable insights
  • better visual appeal
  • on-brand design & sustainability metrics

It should also better follow Bevi design standards.

Old design

Desired features

  • Trial Use Case: ability to pull a usage report for any period of time like multiple months, not just monthly.
    • month view, quarterly view, month over month quarters, the past year
  • reports per machine/account
  • When on Bevi’s internal service portal, an ability to set up usage report there (download as PDF)
  • Have the ability to pull a usage report from the portal that’s a usage summary for multiple machine units.

User feedback on old design 

  • Chart at the top of the screen is confusing and hard to read.
  • Have numbers for: Total Bottles Saved that month and in total for that machine, Total Still bottles (both flavored and non-flavored), Total Sparkling bottles (both flavored and non-flavored)
  • Keep favorite still and sparkling flavor
  • Definitely need to include the Still and Sparkling breakdown. Has to take screenshots of the Unit Page when she wants to send along that information and gets asked that question all of the time. 
  • Wants to show partners once how to pull the information from the internal portal and have them do it going forward → shouldn’t be part of her job to pull usage reports. 
  • Specific Use Case: She runs a lot of trials with Bevi Machines that generally run for two weeks. Would be good to be able to pull a report for the Bevi Machines mid month so that she can pass it along to the trial sites. Helps them make the decision to keep the machine.

New design

(Launching in Spring 2024)

Key Design Decisions

It was extremely important to make the usage report scannable and easy to quickly understand.

Narrowing down the desired content into 5 main sections of Sustainability, Average Bottles Dispensed, Dispense (Still/Sparkling) Breakdown, Flavor and Enhancement Usage, and All-time Sustainability would help the user easily find what they’re looking for on the report.

NDA Work

Again, don’t be shy to reach out to learn about the other internal-facing work I’ve performed at Bevi! 

@ 2024 by Helen Miao   ☀ Boston, MA & San Jose, CA

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