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Faculty Activity Tracker

As a UX/UI Designer in Sandbox @ Northeastern, I collaborated with a team of developers, a project lead, and another designer on Faculty Activity Tracker – a website for the Northeastern College of Arts, Media, and Design merit committee to review faculty accomplishments and activities and decide eligibility for raises, promotions, etc.

UI/UX, Web Design



Every college within Northeastern University has a faculty merit committee (MC) whose job is to review their faculty each year to decide who is eligible for: raises, promotions, etc. based off their accomplishments/activities in the past academic year.

Currently, the MC sends out a form/word document to all faculty in December and the faculty have ~1.5 months to complete the form, describing everything they have done over the past year.

Our client, a joint faculty member between the College of Arts, Media, and Design and the College of Engineering at Northeastern, was looking for a web-based system that would improve:
  • Speed of the process
  • Visibility and clarity of forms
  • Faculty reflection on past years
  • Integrated with statistics and other tools for MC use

During the Fall 2022 semester, another UX designer and I worked on creating the website’s interface from scratch.

Mapping out user flows



Form Prototype

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