Helen Miao

HackBeanpot 2024

As a Software Engineer and UI/UX Designer in HackBeanpot, I am developing and designing the main and live event sites.

Both sites are designed and implemented to be desktop and mobile-friendly.

UI/UX, Web Design

Figma, Typescript, React.js, Emotion

Main Site Design and Development

︎ View the deployed site here.

︎ Check out the GitHub repo here.

All illustrations were created in Figma by me and four other designers (check out the ones I created more closely here!). Website designs were created by me and another UI/UX designer.

Light Mode (desktop and mobile)

Dark Mode (desktop and mobile)

Live Site Designs

Desktop - Light Mode

Desktop - Dark Mode

@ 2024 by Helen Miao   ☀ Boston, MA & San Jose, CA

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